Wasting Water

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

by Abbey Castor

August 18, 2020

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Water is sacred. I get so excited when I think about just how AWESOME water is. Nothing would survive without it. Water connects us all. Our planet is mostly water, our bodies, our cells, the plants, and all of the other little creatures are made of water! How many people do you have in your family? Is it just you and your parents? That would make three. Do you have a sibling? Let’s just take the average family of four. Worldwide ONE in THREE people do not have access to clean water. That is at least one person in YOUR family who would not have access to ‘clean’ drinking water.

The EPA has standards that define what clean drinking water is. When they talk about harmful contaminants they talk about things like lead, radium, arsenic, chemical byproducts, and farm runoff from pesticides. All of which can cause organ failure/dysfunction.

According to Who Data over 90% of the world has access to clean drinking water, but that goes only by the standards that were set in the 1970’s. In my opinion, 50 years is a little outdated and our drinking water today is not as clean as people think it is. But that, is for another day! I’m here to talk about waste!

What is the global water crisis? We must acknowledge our privilege with water. We are so greedy just because we ‘have’ so much.

Climate change (we should not need to convince people at this point that it is real) is pushing our global capacity of survival to the edge. If you were not aware the source we have become so accustomed to is drying up and depleting. What keeps our ecosystems thriving is dying. Fresh. Water.

Fresh water is and always has been valuable. Only 3% of the world’s water source is fresh water, and 2/3 of it is hidden in the glaciers. If you do the math… Only 1% of the world provides us with drinking water. That is SCARCE. That is rare.

Why do we value diamonds? Because they are rare. Why are we not valuing what makes up over 60% of our cells? Water runs the world yet we take it for granted all of the time. How long do you shower for? Let’s say you shower for 30 minutes everyday. That’s 10,950 minutes. Research shows that every minute is equal to 2.5 gallons of water. So in one year you may waste 27,375 gallons of water. That is a lot of water.

Everyone wastes, that is a part of life. But monitoring and offsetting that waste is one of the most important things that you- yourself can do to mitigate climate change. Every time that we make a decision to change a certain behavior in our lives by becoming consciously aware we rob less from the future.

How to waste less water These are super simple ways that you can wake up to how you use water.

Next time you shower try and time it to see how long it takes for you to wash those lovely locks. Get an idea of how much water you are wasting.

If you shave in the shower, stop the water or fill up the tub to prevent extra water from being wasted. It is NOT as necessary as you might think to leave the water running on your back while you shave your legs.

Try to stop leaving the water running while you brush your teeth. Wet your toothbrush, and brush! No need to leave the water running down the drain.

When you wash dishes it is a lot less wasteful to fill up the sink and scrub than it is to run the water and do all of the dishes one by one! Always check for leaks. A leaky sink can be costly on your water bill, and on the planet. If you can’t afford to upgrade some of your water using appliances like your laundry machine, try to do less loads of laundry or load more in one go around to save some H20

Why is it important to conserve water? If water is essential for survival and you want to keep on surviving then that is why it is important. This seems to be a common theme among all of my posts. But having the mentality that your shower is just one shower is so selfish. Being introspective about it means that you realize that one persons actions, every single person on this earth’s actions make a difference somewhere along the line. Every person matters, and if one less person is showering for a shorter amount of time per day then thats a few more gallons we save for the future.

It is so easy to prevent yourself from thinking about the future. We’re young and have healthy body’s, an abundance of material things from clothes to food. We can get anything from anywhere anytime. But life is not like that everywhere in the world, do you remember what happened when we lost a few weeks of toilet paper? People behaved like animals fighting over who would get the last roll on the shelf. Imagine if people did not have access to water? It’s scary and no, I do not mean to scare you! Fear is not a positive drive for change. But there are two options for our future. We either start to value the things that breathe life into our bodies by conserving and protecting it, or we lose it. Once it is lost, it will be hard to recover the same ever again.

Take pride in the fact that we have the capability to change our future. Be empowered to know that your shower is not just “a shower”. Your decisions to conserve water add to the whole. 1+1=2. Be the one to inspire another one to make two. Be the one to start to take your future into your own hands. Be the one to be conscious of your water consumption.

Save water! Like, Share, and repost! Thanks for reading, Aloha

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