Thoughts on Reality

I think a lot. I think a lot of things and something that I often find myself thinking about is globalization. This idea of mass unanimity which stems from the roles society makes us play. Individuation is a concept in social psychology which explains our ability to lose our self awareness amidst the conformity of a group. Does the popular mind take over our ability to think critically? Absolutely. Conformity is the death of humanity. Loss of individuality is a loss of conscious awareness. A loss of control over the mind and behavior.

This is what the matrix implies; predictability. Cohesiveness is what power banks on. For anyone to have power they must be able to steer the group. Manipulation is a lot easier with a population of people who cannot think critically, or rather think for themselves on an individual level at all. Brainwashed. Convinced that normality is actually the truth. That sameness is all that there is. Before I was too, a believer in the idea that ignorance was bliss. But I was terribly wrong.

You have no right to speak those words until you feel true bliss. Ignorance is the result of a lost non-critical mind. Assuming that ignorance in this circumstance has a negative connotation, ignorance is the result of repugnant laziness. Ignorance is far from bliss. This phrase is a commodity bought and sold everyday between thousands of individuals who actually feel the bliss of ignorance. To feel the bliss of ignorance is to feel like nothing at all.

If you desire to lay waste to the gift of life which has been given to you then you have no business reading this book. What ignorant in context actually means is a lack of knowledge. In it’s Latin roots notus means to know. This is why I say that it is a loss of the non-critical mind. When we ignore what true knowledge awaits us we experience an illusion. But we can choose to see past this illusion. Past the illusion of ignorance or what some people like to identify it as the matrix. The idea of the matrix is the reality of choice.

We are able to choose ignorance or we are able to choose bliss. They are not one in the same and I am disgusted by the phrase where they are placed within one another. It is up to the individual to choose this fate for themselves but the bliss that awaits us, the true knowledge is heaven on earth. It is attainable, it is possible and I am living proof of that scenario. When we awaken from this idea, pull ourselves away from the matrix we expand ourselves to the vastness that is deep within not outside.

Not controlling anything or anyone. Here we find the space beyond the 3rd Dimensional reality. We find that we do not understand who or what was in power over our lives for so long. The power which precedes much of the human population today. Separation of power which was contained within the idea of the matrix.

Deconstructing the matrix is truly a deconstruction of the self. Upon the realization that the world is an illusion we also come to find that the self, is also an illusion. The ego self is not part of who we are. The goal is not to live with your ego, it’s to get rid of it. To eliminate individuality and to recognize the oneness. When we eliminate individuality we are left with universal consciousness which is love.

Mass unanimity is the power who operates on the ego. Only the ego can see the illusion, but this concept can be pierced. The veil between worlds where the ego cannot go. The individual does not belong in true oneness. The root word for ego is “I”. An individual who perceives themselves to be an individual is not operating on love.

Take back your power by thinking critically. We can think critically by asking questions. Inquiring things about the universe. Critical thinking is a skill. I can always remember my tenth grade social studies teacher in my head replaying her command for us the ‘THINK CRITICALLY.” Never really even understanding what that meant. We weren’t given the freedom, in most of my education to be able to think outside the box.

Until I awoke from the illusion I had no capacity to think for myself. I was doing as I was told, unable to know any better outside of what I had been educated my entire lives to think. This idea of critical thinking directly relates to problem solving. A great problem solver is a great critical thinking because of their brain’s ability to ask questions. “If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on the solution, I would spend the first 55 minutes determining the proper question to ask for once I know the proper question I could solve the problem in less than five minutes.”- Albert Einstein. The who, what, when, where, why, how’s in this life are the key to piercing the veil. These simple beginnings to questions which facilitate the process of our evolution. Why do we separate critical thinking with intuitive thinking?

Logic is the opposite of instinct which is a skill one in the same. I have found that logical thinking has no place in operating my life. My mind has no business in dealing with the logical and practical ways of thinking. I critically question and wonder many great things about the universe but I do not ask them in such a logical way. Nothing that is logical makes any sense at all. Only the imagination can save the human mind. Only our ability to think outside the individual ego self which is currently being groomed to lose this skill in it’s entirety.

We are losing our ability to think from intuition and rather only respect the wrong ways of shared and constituted idealism. The closer we grow to source the closer we are guided to true intuition and instinct. This is the way of piercing the illusion. Here is where we find that the illusion is not a simple veil. This veil has been twisted and manipulated from sight, sown with layers of trauma, burning hot with addictions and temptations.

The light at the end of the tunnel is so far from reach at the point where we feel as though there is no way to truly attain this light. But we are so lucky. Us humans are so lucky as to be able to have been given gifts like yoga and meditation to be able to cut through the toxic layers this veil is comprised of.

Through practices like yoga and meditation we can begin the processing work of releasing ourselves to the universe’s guiding hand, the light at the end of the tunnel. When we turn to bliss rather than ignorance we will find that the world of fate is a lot easier to handle. Even when life hands us a nasty deck of cards, we can trust that we are guided and it is something that we are destined to learn.


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