Soul friendships

What is it like to know someone from a past life? To have been sisters. Placed so close to one another, so intermingled in each others lives but not once meeting till the time was right. To have lived such strikingly similar lives, but never connecting until the most perfect moment.

The magic was always there, I just never knew where to look.

My adjustment after coming back home to the mainland has been exhaustingly difficult to navigate. I am so drastically different but everything around me seems to be the exact same. I felt like I was losing touch with the magic that I had grown so close to. I was surrounded and so touched by the light, by the ʻĀina (the word for land in Hawaiian), by love! In this harsh reality I was growing frustrated due to the fact that I felt so lonely. I truly do not mind being alone... But being alone is different than feeling lonely.

But the universe had other plans for me, I would never be left alone for too long. I was at the market buying flowers when I took a step in the direction of a girl who's outfit was TOO cute not to compliment her on. It was exactly like something that I would wear.

As I made my first step, she turned her head. We locked eyes and stopped what we were doing to shake hands. It was so magical to be able to connect with someone so easily. I had never experienced such a translucent interaction. It was ethereal to be able to somehow connect on such a deep level even though we only said hello. Exchanged numbers and made plans to get together, as friends do of course!

We went on a picnic below this grandiose willow tree sweeping it's branches down below a small stream. Mid October in Pennsylvania is still quite warm until the sun passes below the horizon. As we sat, we enjoyed a moment. A picnic full of laughter and true human connection.

Our lives were almost identical imprints of one another. I never read a person so easily because it was like looking into the mirror. Both of us featuring curly brown hair, olive skin, pressing about 5 foot 2. We went to high school's which were about thirty minutes apart from each other. We even played in rival sports teams, exchanging energy but never truly knowing that the other existed. Sharing such similar style and outlook on life, it is truly amazing to be able to connect with another human just like me.

As the golden sun began casting shadows over the hill I looked up at the willow tree's swaying branches. THIS was in my dream. The exact tree and plot of grass. I did not know what it was at the time, but in that moment sitting with my soul sister I realized that I had my first premonition. A premonition is like a dream or connection that we have to a future event.

In this dream I had, I approached the sweeping branches to gather a large feather. It was so familiar. So magical. This was exactly what I needed. Someone to share the magic of the universe with. Someone who was just as invested into the unknown. Someone as deep as me. Someone who was as deep as the way that I felt. After coming home I lost the adventure. The excitement of sorts which had unfolded before me when I was traveling. But this was only the beginning to one of the most mystical friendships I had ever encountered. Someone to share a soul with in this adventure that we call life!

I only have just met this soul sister of mine and I know that we have a deep connection. What is most magnificent about knowing someone from a past life is there is an unspoken level of comfort that never needs to be addressed. It is simply known and understood. The closer we grow in this lifetime I am sure that wherever we knew each other in our past will reveal itself in time. I am just so grateful to be able to share such a unique connection on this earth. Grateful to be able to channel the most kind and pure souls into my life. Grateful to be so abundant in relationships that truly make my life so full of happiness. When you are given grace like this, accept it's fruitfulness. Cherish the wealth in more than what can be found in money. Abundance comes in so many forms.

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