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Updated: Aug 19

By Abbey Castor

August 16, 2020

Welcome back to the blog everyone! Happy Hump or Hemp day! I am taking this post up to talk a little bit about hemp which I am sure you are a little bit familiar with by now (;

The fossil fuel industry sucks. It is truly baffling just how much control and power the petroleum industry has over us. In this book I just had the pleasure of reading called The Emperor Wears No Clothes where I got a peak into the world through the eyes of a man who believed in hemp over the use of oil.

Hemp, aside from it’s biological benefits, is the world’s number one ecological resource. It has the potential to prevent deforestation, and drive the world away from fossil fuels. Hemp fiber is freaking awesome.

Hemp is an easy crop to grow yielding up to six tons per acre. The roots that grow into the ground penetrate the soil eliminating weeds and breaking it down for a perfect condition for the next year’s crop also making it the perfect cover crop.

Cover-crops are used to cover the soil to give it some breathing room between harvests. Hemp as a cover crop would kill two birds with one stone. Rather than wasting time with a non-harvestable cover crop hemp would make proper use of the space by regenerating the soil as it can be used in production!

How did marijuana become so stigmatized?

Oil runs the world. Oil has a share into all of our lives whether or not we like it. Oil is in the candles we use, the clothes we wear, the packaging we buy our food in, the book coverings we read, the pans that we cook with, the cars we drive. Oil has power because oil has money.

That money is what kicked out hemp technology that threatened the existence of oil in the products that we use. When hemp fiber technology came out in the 70’s, which promised to replace the fossil fuel( coal, oil, natural gas), and paper industry counterparts, these well oiled machines set fire to Mary Jane.

Why do we keep on believing self-serving politicians?

The oil industry lobbied their way into getting what they wanted out of the United States Government- a centralized attack on marijuana. By frightening the public with War on Drugs propaganda, cannabis slowly morphed into a violent and unlawful substance. Oil quite literally chased hemp out of the competing ring in order to remain monopolizing the world of basic resources.

So, ever since this ploy was created politicians and regular every-day people such as myself viewed hemp based off of DISinformation. Disinformation is entirely different from misinformation because it is in a deliberate manor. 

What makes Hemp SO great?

Hemp benefits the farmers, the people, the planet, and the future! Hemp fiber can be used to replace paper in all it’s forms from the paper we write on to the paper that cigarettes are rolled in thus saving the trees and air we breathe! Hemp fiber can replace all the synthetic clothing produced from oil like polyester, nylon and spandex! Hemp can be used in candles and lotions, Hemp can be used as carpets, bags, rope, fish nets, bed linens, overalls, YOU NAME IT hemp can do it. 

Hemp can grow anywhere, it’s so adaptable from rough dry soil to wet rainforests. Hemp was destined to flourish. On it’s own it is also super resistant to pests and insects. Pesticides and all it’s chemical spraying relatives are used to control the amount of attackers on the food. Hemp keeps the fleet out all on their own. It’s tolerable and adaptable and can be cultivated anywhere in the world unlike other power crops such as rice and soy.

Power to the plants guys! Hemp seeds are incomparable in nutritional value. Only soybeans have a higher percentage of protein. They are excellent immune system boosters, high in fatty acids responsible for healthy brain function. Hemp protein has all 21 known amino acids responsible for healthy neurotransmitter function.

Neurotransmitters are the signals that share messages within our brain to help us function and make sense of the world properly. Healthy brain, healthy life. Hemp’s got omega-3’s is full of antioxidants and fiber to naturally keep you balanced.

Hemp can be used to make amazing milk which has an excellent source of protein in comparison with oat, soy, almond, and other nut milks! Have you ever had hemp ice-cream? It is to die for! Hemp hearts can be toasts and added in salads. Hempseed makes for a great cake as well. Hemp seeds can be thrown in crackers and oatmeal. Hemp-butter is another replacement for spreads and other nut butters. Hemp flour can be used to make anything flour is used for! This. plant. is. awesome.

The world is still going hungry, just because we all have access to food on the table does not mean that the rest of the world does. Hemp is a superfood capable of feeding millions because of the durability it possesses to grow anywhere in any climate. But also because of the nutritional value capable of not only feeding but nourishing those in need.

Hemp is power carbon absorber. We all know carbon emissions are a huge dilemma that cause our planet’s heat to keep on rising. Hemp has been proven to capture more CO2 than any other commercial crop and is an ideal form of a carbon sink. 1 acre of hemp absorbs more than 25 acres of forest… Another SOLUTION to the climate catastrophe! 

Let’s start using ganja to go a little bit fartha in the way that we live our lives! Here’s to exposing more truths on why we live our lives the way we do. Let’s continue to bring more information to the table, and break down systems that no longer serve us. Buy some hemp seeds next time you go to the store, experiment and invest your share into the market. Hemp. YEA!

Photo used from Rutgers University research center

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